Worthington Wealth Management emerged in 2021 from these simple concepts proven to us over more than 100 combined years of providing financial guidance and investment advice:

“If you focus on doing what’s best for the client, you never have to worry about being paid.” –– S.C.


“Never forget that the only reason we are successful is because our clients were successful before us.” –– R.L.

Contentious Contrarians

What We Offer

Worthington Wealth Management is about doing things differently, not just doing different things. We’ll ask you the unusual questions and we’ll give you the uncommon answers. We’ll expose all sides of an issue and push ourselves to uncover what’s potentially outside the “cookie-cutter” planning box. If you question the standard approaches to investing, you should talk with us.

How We’re Different

Much of the world of financial and investment advice is cookie-cutter planning and pretty, but mostly meaningless, pie chart allocations.  Unfortunately, our experience shows that this approach protects the advice-giver more than the advice-getter.  We have a better approach.  Ours is based on Allocating for Alpha.

Alpha, in the investment business, refers to excess return above and beyond the benchmarks and indexes.  If an investor can get “market” returns by simply buying an index Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), then Alpha is the return that is earned above and beyond those market returns.  Simply, we Allocate for Alpha and plan for excess returns.

OUR Mission

At WWM we strive to reveal to our clients the fads and fallacies of the traditional brokerage investment environment, and to teach them how to avoid popular pitfalls that are often associated with irrational and emotional investment decisions. We believe transparency and cynical thinking can successfully guide the development and implementation of a common-sense investment plan. We believe that focusing on our clients’ success leads to them, and us!, enjoying fuller lives.