Dan LaMacchia

CEO/Principle Owner

Dan began his investment career in 1984 at a municipal bond brokerage firm where he spent 12 years developing a client base of investors looking for tax-free income. During those heady years of double-digit interest rates and staggering inflation, Dan learned the importance of listening and tenacity, frugality and thrift. He also became an economics student of the markets and focused on the Federal Reserve and interest rates. In these years, Dan was called “contentious” for constantly pushing back against “common” knowledge.

In 1996, Dan moved to a national brokerage firm where he used his experience to build a stock market strategy during the growing “dot-com” bubble. During this time Dan learned about investing psychologies such as the pushing back against a surging herd-mentality and how difficult it is to “zag” when everyone else seems to be “zigging”. Along the way, Dan became an arbitrator for FINRA, the brokerage industry regulatory authority, and he earned the prestigious Certified Financial Planner Professional (CFP®) designation. In 2006, Dan recognized the value of acting as a fiduciary and began the deliberate process of converting his business from commission-transactions to a fee-based model. This career-marking change put Dan squarely on the side of his clients and removed the inherent conflict of interest presented by transaction costs.

In 2012, Dan took on the responsibility to open and manage the local branch of a growing national brokerage. That experience brought home the importance of running a business that is focused first and foremost on the client, not the firm or the advisor, and during those nine years, Dan’s business nearly tripled in size, proving his decision correct. In 2021 he used the confluence of industry change, succession planning, and the generational transfer of wealth between his clients and their children to launch Worthington Wealth Management.

Dan’s education is expansive but, as most successful people will attest, the “experience of doing” is among his best teachers. Dan has lived in Worthington for nearly 40 years, is married to Kristen, and has three children. In addition to being an avid vegetable gardener, percussionist, and home-repair-tinkerer, Dan especially loves being an Italian tourist whenever the opportunity arises.

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