Tote Bag Travels

Our Worthington Wealth Management Tote Bags have become very popular because of their quality and size, and – of course – the great colors & logo! So much so that we’re now seeing some of the cool places that our Tote Bags are going. Grocery stores, vacations, days at the beach… Tote Bag is showing up everywhere! We were so inspired that that we set up Tote’s very own Flickr account to host the pictures of where Tote is going and we’ve turned it into fun, games, and prizes. 

We’re inviting everyone to snap a picture of your Tote Bag’s adventures and send it to us to add to Tote’s collection. You can also invite your friends and family to play along by using your Tote Bag. Tote’s companion doesn’t need to be a WWM client to enter our contest!

If you don’t have a Tote Bag, or if you’d like another, just let us know and we’ll send one to you!