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The Lesson of Jasper Pellets

In May 2022, Jasper Pellets filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy citing financial difficulties after a contract dispute with a distributor. This is noteworthy for a few reasons but hits close to home for me, and came to my attention because, as most of you know I smoke meats on a pellet smoker but also because of the municipal bond implications.
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The Adventures of Tote Bag!

As the summer vacation season begins to wind down Tote Bag is settling into a new routine of staying closer to home. We at Worthington Wealth Management want to remind you that our Tote Bag Travels event isn't just for your vacations! Whether you're going to the grocery store, heading to a farmer's market, or even just enjoying a fall evening on the patio - we want to see you enjoying yourself with Tote Bag!
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This Time Something Really Is Different

And It May Help Explain Why It Feels Worse Than “Normal” This Time

Sanity only comes from the never-ending process of filtering out what’s noise and what’s really meaty and important to the investment markets.
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Our Firm is Growing!

Anthony LaMacchia joins Worthington Wealth Management in June of 2022 taking on a role focused on Portfolio Construction and Analysis, the fulfillment of a lifelong goal of working in the securities industry.
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