What to Expect as a New Client

Like most new relationships, there’s a lot of excitement and activity early on but then things calm down to an expected pace. Our first few discussions will be geared more towards our deciding whether or not we are a good fit and will dance well together. The process of our talks will include gathering critical information in order to understand our direction and the investment tools we’ll use to build out and execute your plan. Once we’ve decided to proceed, the Concierge Admin (CA) team will take the ball and walk you through the account-opening and funding process. The CA team will build your account record and add to the notes from our first discussions to your profile; you’ll be in close contact with your CA throughout the entire process.

After your account is funded and your investment plan is beginning to take shape, our communication with you ramps up to the speed and amount we determined in our initial meetings. We help you get used to our reporting process and timeline and we help you navigate to educational articles and white papers we offer. And we’ll introduce you to our customized reporting platform that lets you determine the contents you’ll see when you log in to your account.

Once settled in to our routine, you’ll join a relatively small group of clients under our care. Our phones always ring on our end and you will always have access to understanding your investment accounts and how they are managed. We’ll be pushing out content that we think you’ll find useful and necessary, and you’ll become accustomed to making our home page your landing spot for anything financial you might be considering.