Investment Advisor Performance

At WWM we measure our success by the return we earn for you – net of fees – that is above and beyond what you could reasonably earn yourself using easily-accessible information and products. This “extra return” is known as Alpha in the investment world, and we are constantly allocating models to attempt to produce it. We also focus our attention on producing Alpha in our clients’ accounts regardless of the mix of products used to meet a client’s goals.

“Allocating For Alpha”

Alpha can come in several forms. For example, it might be the obvious way: “Earn More!” But it also might happen when the markets are down, as in “Lose Less!”. Or it could be felt in more impactful ways, such as if we meet your investment goals sooner than expected or with a bigger account value than we expected. It might also show up in letting you sleep at night knowing your account has had less volatility than the overall market in the past.