Our Firm

“If you focus on doing what’s best for the client, you never have to worry about being paid.” – S.C.


“Never forget that the only reason we are successful is because our clients were successful before us.” – R.L.


Worthington Wealth Management emerged in 2021 from these simple concepts proven to us over more than four decades of providing financial guidance and investment advice.

What We Offer


As fiduciaries, we are responsible for our clients’ success, not just suitability. To do that we must put clients’  needs before our own. We are a team of advisors, not a sales force, so we don’t charge commissions. But rather we earn a fixed percentage of each account’s value. Simply, we make more when you make more, and vice versa.


Our advisors have nearly 100 years of combined experience - they’ve seen plenty and can likely relate to your situation. We’re curious by nature, cynical from decades of experience, and have found success by resisting the temptation to follow the herd. We encourage questions, we love to banter, and we actively engage with clients about the things that affect their money.


No matter the size of your account or where you are in your investment journey you’ll find a home at Worthington Wealth Management. From our views on asset allocation and the financial planning process to the way we manage our firm around our clients, you can say we’re anything but typical! Here you’ll invest along side other client-investors with varying portfolio sizes, allocations, and sophistication levels. The point is that your experience at Worthington Wealth Management is not determined by, nor dependent on, your account value.


We work in a collaborative environment that encourages sharing information and mutual inquiry, benefiting from generations of shared experience. Our advisors serve their clients and each other, sharing knowledge and wisdom garnered over decades of active participation in the investment markets and pushing back against the generally-accepted “standard” approaches to wealth management.

We put you at ease because we do the things you’d do if you were in our shoes.


How We’re  Different

Much of the world of financial and investment advice is cookie-cutter planning and pretty – but mostly generic – pie chart allocations. Unfortunately, our experience shows that this approach protects the advice-giver more than the advice-getter.  We have a better approach based on the idea of “Allocating for Alpha.”

Alpha refers to excess return above and beyond the benchmarks and indexes.  If an investor can earn “market” returns by simply buying an index Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), then Alpha is the return that is earned above and beyond those market returns.  Simply, we Allocate for Alpha and plan for excess returns by exposing more of your account to assets that we think will go up. 

OUR Mission

At Worthington Wealth Management we aim to preserve & pass on to those who work with us the wisdom that comes from our long experience in managing and guiding our clients’ financial lives. We strive to highlight the shortcomings of the traditional brokerage investment model and to teach our clients how to avoid making the mistakes that are inherent in emotional or irrational financial decisions. We are of the opinion that common sense and critical thinking can guide the development and implementation of a successful investment plan, no matter the investor’s phase of life. We believe that focusing on our clients' success leads to them – and us – leading fuller lives.