Henry Richter

Investment Advisor Representative (IAR)

Henry began his investment career at The Ohio Company in 1970 where he honed his analysis techniques on bonds and the stocks of local companies. Because of The Ohio Company’s close connections to several Wall Street underwriting firms, Henry was trained to analyze the financial documents of companies just coming public. In 1976 Henry joined one of those wire-house firm’s Columbus office and for the next eleven years he was in a partnership that developed the institutional investment business of banks, insurance companies, and state agencies.

For more than 20 years Henry continued to hone his analysis techniques while traveling with his firm’s research team professionals. In 1997, Henry refocused his business by bringing to his retail clients the institutional analysis techniques he’d practiced and further specialized himself in the arenas of financial and consumer companies, and businesses run by families that own a significant portion of the outstanding stock.

In 2016, Henry retired but quickly discovered how much he missed his clients and working in general. Seeking a change from the Wall Street wire-house world, he joined a smaller regional brokerage that would help him refocus his business into a fee-only advisory. In 2021, Henry was a founding advisor at Worthington Wealth Management.

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