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Worthington Wealth Management

Our Firm is Growing!

On Saturday May 7th Dan’s son, Anthony, graduated from Hillsdale College, receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a minor in Financial Management. While at Hillsdale Anthony was a decorated member of the school’s national-champion shotgun sports team. The entire family is very proud of all of his accomplishments, both inside the classroom and out.

Anthony said, shortly after the ceremony, that he views his degrees as “the perfect ‘sweet spot’ between studying the global economy and connecting deeply with people, which is what truly brings me joy.”

Anthony will be joining the team at Worthington Wealth Management in July of 2022, after taking some well-earned time off. “I’m excited for the opportunity,” Anthony said. “I believe it is critical to spread accurate knowledge on these topics as much as possible, as I believe strongly in the wealth-building advantages of our great capitalist system.”

Once Anthony joins the firm, he’ll be focused on putting the analytical and research skills learned over his collegiate career to use as the firm’s Data Analyst as well as learning all of the practical things about the financial advice business that he didn’t learn in college. We’re very happy to have Anthony joining our growing business and look forward to watching him grow as an Advisor.

Anthony represents the fourth member of the LaMacchia family to be actively involved in managing our business of managing our clients' wealth. As you can see, the entire LaMacchia family is fully devoted to the success of each and every one of our clients. We, as a family, do better when you do better.